Hotaru 119: "Re-Branding"
This project was a rebranding project for the Japanese restaurant chain. The franchise Japanese restaurant scene in Bangkok is vast and Hotaru 119, an omakase/a la carte Japanese spot was falling behind. The brand needed to stand out from the traditional names in the town like Fuji, Maguro, Seiryu, etc. The rise of affordable omakase sparked the pivot in specifying the target of the brand to younger patrons.
The new Hotaru 119 position itself in the crosshair of the younger generation and affordable market. I revamped the whole visual identity of the brand to match its operation and further distinguish itself from the competitors. Along with its new social media, Hotaru 119 has since rebranded itself in the eye of the customers as a playful and approachable omakase restaurant.
2022 // Bangkok, Thailand // Implemented - Instagram
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