After Image: The Bedroom 
Team 6's vision of Bangkok in 2050. The idea is technologically centered. Automata is now handling most of the tasks. Those who survived the manual labor purge joined the "bots" and worked side by side with artificial intelligence. This resulted in a decrease in human employment except for a few "essential" positions.
The occupant of this room is an architect, one of a few occupations that still requires a human touch. Before he left for work this morning, he hastily got up from the bed without tidying it. Moreover, he leaves piles of clothes in various places as he dresses daily. The viewer can spot the messy habit throughout the room. With limited time, he often forgets to clean previously used glasses but just uses a new one. Boxes are lying around randomly as he keeps most of his essentials in these hyper-strengthened containers. In this timeline, screens have evolved into ephemeral holograms, as seen in the clock, computer, and television.
Cinema 4D // Unreal Engine 5 // Quixel Bridge      
Krittanat Nartetamrongsutt // Quencheng Wu // Yue Luo model. We then  export the animated cactus we created to    YYueY
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